Quasar WM Blog: Ein satirischer Rückblick auf die Fußball WM 2018

Die Fußball WM 2018 ist beendet. Zugleich startet das Warten auf die Fußball WM 2022.

Monday, July 16th. It’s done, done, done or just finally over. Depending on the gusto or nationality, this World Cup was often more of an ordeal than a football festival.

And that certainly includes the fans of the protagonists of this weekend. If a game is representative of this World Cup, then this final. Included were all the components that shaped this World Cup: defensive waiting with isolated loss of time, dubious decisions by the shooter due to dubious player actions, wrong use of the video umpire, disadvantage of the playing team, many goals from strange situations.

What France did in the first half yesterday was exactly what you had to worry about and worried football fans. There was no active contribution to the game, which only supplied Croatia. That was not a sporting success of the Bleus, because the free-kick to 1: 0 was due to a disgusting swallow of Griezmann, the goal even an own header by Mandzukic. The penalty was a technically correct, footballing but completely wrong decision. A Collina or one of the grandees in front of him would never have whistled such an unintentional handball in a final. This happens today because a team demands it because the video referee will then confirm that. Instead of the thousandth criticism here is a suggestion. The referee should decide whether video evidence should be used in the first place. Of course, one could not have expected that from Pitana, the man whistled so consistently for France and against Croatia, that one can only submit the best to his wordy interview with Infantino at the award ceremony. Example: A free-kick of the Croats in the final phase because of an unreleased ball. Something is a) not only discretionary or rule technically unnecessary, it is b) in this case blatantly disadvantaging for the Croats.

But what is the use of lamenting? Even without the two goals, the French would have won the game, since they can always put up quick counterattacks and trust in Mbappe, Griezmann and Pogba. These three always hit, no matter how well the opponent plays. In this respect, this is exactly the playful conclusion of this World Cup: Ball possession football is out – defensive play control without possession is in. It follows: Attacking football is out, unless the team has character and great players like Croatia – counter and defense in the penalty area are in. Fairness is out – acting, time playing and swallows are thanks to VAR more than ever en vogue and therefore totally in, especially with the Hollywood stars Neymar, Ronaldo and Griezmann and unfortunately even Mbappe.

In this respect, the match for third place was not really enlightenment. From the beginning it was clear that England would have no chance here. Not only was the opponent Belgium, they also set up their first team. Chapeau. And so the Englishmen were fortunate not to have lost 5-0, because they would have earned their showpony football honestly. The only British trophy brings Harry Kane home: The shoe of the tournament for the player who sank against weak opponents, especially penalties and Abstauber and in the knockout round nothing got their turn. There can not be a better example of inflation called the Premier Legaue, so Harry Kane was awarded the gold-bronze canon for London yesterday, congratulations. Of course, Mbappe was correctly voted young star and the fabulous Courtois the goalkeeper of the tournament. Finally, and quite rightly so – and not like the Slime Award 2014 at Messi, instead of the outstanding Schweinsteiger- the outstanding and outstanding team and single player Luca Modric was voted the best player of the tournament. For that, and only for that, thank you, because that’s actually the only price that nobody globally objects to.

What is left of this tournament? Russia has organized a professional tournament in terms of organization and infrastructure. Question marks remain, as with any FIFA project with totalitarian or third world states, simply in the way and at whose expense you have managed that. And then there are the manners, because leaving the Croatian president without umbrella in the pouring rain is certainly the height of rudeness. But no matter, in times of a Trump, women no longer play a role and so is the crucial fact that remains Tsarevich Vladimir I. dry. The celebrating Russians in the streets, who were surprised not only by their team but also by the astonishingly harmless, amiable and without political ulterior motives coming foreigners remain positive in remembrance.

And so there is the prospect that this time there will be no respite. First of all, all and in a separate group especially the top teams already from September through a tournament called Nations League, which follows after a top team final in June 2019 immediately a confusing qualification. To this mix, we then give the team competitions nationally and internationally, mix a few extensions and finished is the total overfeeding plus dubbing a sport that will have since 2109 no longer to do with what the fans love so much. And since it’s all about money, transfer fees, player salaries, TV and merchandise revenue, we’ll see more teams playing like France, like all the trends.

Beautiful new world.


 Fußball WM 2018 Affe in einem Anzug

Ein Rückblick auf das Bisherige und das Finale.

Friday the 13th.   It’s time again. Michael Myers is back. On the big screen and in his orange reincarnation on the streets of London.

You really have to feel sorry for the English friends. It’s hard enough to lose a semi-final – deserved or not, it hurts. Two days later, but to experience the American President, the London like the obtrusive Schmuddel cousin the family celebration haunts and stirs up, that’s just too much. But England really has a very modest run this summer. The Brexit drives with high speed on the wall, the rats leave the government ship and now follow the pied piper from DC. However, it is good to see how London revolts against this and that there is an initiative on Facebook to bring the American Idiot of Green Day back to first place. We feel and sing with you, people.

The gentle reader may have guessed, it is football-free Freitach. But it’s also the last one before the two finals, so it’s time for a little conclusion. What has given us this World Cup, what are central observations, footballing, moral, acting? Questions about questions, but also a few answers,

Playfully, this World Cup was not even an indictment, she was the big brother of the good old German word s bad, But denouncing the French for strategic refusal to play would be too easy. Bad teams came all in the field and barricaded themselves so consistently in the box, you wondered how these energy vampires actually qualified. Good teams were mostly only physically present. Germany has received the maximum penalty in this regard. Justifiable when one sees with which criminal omission arrogance strategy, involvement of the youth players or preparation as well as the participation in professional congresses were ignored. The three main responsible persons for this monumental failure have also, politicians, praised improvement, relieved themselves and guaranteed the job. These are the signs of the times: Responsibility was yesterday. Irresponsibility is the new agenda and core of almost every headline we have been allowed to gossip in recent weeks. Examples like? then:

Spain coach Juan Lopetegui goes to Real Madrid and as if that does not carry enough explosives, he communicates this one day before the start of the World Cup, in Russia and without informing his President. He is offended and fires the man. Does one of these two full posts think of the team? The German association president and the team manager make the most complete U-turn since the withdrawal of the Spanish Armada. Only the Erdogate affair in perfect Pofalla-style is declared over, then accused of maltreated World Cup together with the player Özil the nationalistic part of the German audience for the food. Together? Only winning, Lost alone. Brazil arrived as a favorite and well-liked superteam. That changed when the self-proclaimed football Messiah Neymar found out that prophets first get on their socks. His invention, the pain-distorted power role with a one-handed red card debit screw, has earned him Trump-level sympathy in global football fanfares. FIFA did what it always does: acting politically and denying it at the same time. Hiring Maradona as an ambassador was as brilliant an idea as making BeatriceVomStorch the patron of Christopher Street Day. What was surprising about this club was that the video shooters had hardly done any damage and that nobody actually asked questions about the excellent fitness of the Russian team. Now Russia was a pleasantly nice and peaceful host. You’ll see how the mix of regimes and free world football will present itself in the Sheikdom Qatar. Argentina, as a last example, went without match plan, or played the ball on Messi and cleared any player who came too close to him. When this backfired, the coach was disempowered, Messi raised to the player-manager and Messi-incompatible players are no longer set up. Represent the country or yourself?

Speaking of self-love. There is obviously a divine agency with humor. A Croatian player will go down in the annals of the World Cup as probably the stupidest egocentric. The man should come on as a striker in the final minutes of the group match against Nigeria and refused for image reasons. Then disposed of on the next plane, the man now sits at home and watch the team at the final game. A worthy contender and therefore lone winner of the new prize Orang of the Month is thus Nikola Kalinic. The man who throws everything away because there is not enough room in the locker room for his ego and the team. Congratulations.

Now there are only two games left and both stand for the World Cup as a total product and for what will come in the next few years.

The final France vs Croatia stands for ice cold strategic Kallkül gegen Herz. That means you can have the best players and still strangle the game because winning means more than honoring a game and winning it qualitatively. Sport was yesterday, today T-shirts have to be sold, not everyone can have a brand-producing Bierhoff. The game is secondary, commerce is central (and now mainly Chinese) and people will watch it anyway, even if they despise the end product more every day. On Sunday, however, there is another team that has won this chance with blood, sweat and tears and want to bring the trophy in her small, troubled country. And the world will cheer them by the majority.

The game around the golden pineapple is played by two teams who have also left their mark on the tournament. England finally has a strategic plan, training, a good coach and thus a perspective. Now only a few really good players and the knowledge at home with the press and Chauvi fans that humility is the only way to the world class – then it works well with the title. The Belgians are already at this level. With their great football they have gained many sympathies worldwide, with the semi-final defeat they have now also made their experience with the French wall tactics and rightly complained about it. On the other hand, you have to score goals – that will probably happen against the English. Frustration can and will be entertaining.

So much for today. There will be a break tomorrow, because there are two more things to tell Sunday and Monday …

… except for one last quip: The referee in the final is Argentinian. No piquancy in it, no complaining, pure neutrality. After all, both teams have kicked his boys with assault in the ass, he certainly takes athletic. And the man is called Pitana. Some things you just can not imagine.

But you can look forward to two really good games.


 Fußball WM 2018 England Anhänger

Das lang ersehnte Finale der Fußball WM 2018 steht an.

Thursday, July 12th. It’s going home. The best news of yesterday’s results is certainly that this song on the nerve killing scale in the top 3 next to Last Christmas and Helene Fischer disappears for a while in the sinking, and that’s a good thing.

As previously described at this point, too bad for a young and sympathetic team. In no case a pity for the English press and not all those fans who whispered conspiratorially since the end of the preliminary round „It’s coming home“ and from a certain beer V0 tuned this song. It must therefore simply be said: No, England, you are not the home of football, certainly not the cradle and if you should win the thing at some point, you take the trophy home, not an entire sport, you By the way, no matter how many oligarchs you let buy into the country and your clubs.

The sporty part of today’s blog post is easy to tell. The semi-final, for once, developed as predicted by the experts. It was hardly surprising that England benefited from a standard situation, as they simply achieved little to no goals from the game. The Croats worked and were probably flat. Actually equipped with the better technology and better understanding of the game, fit in the boys from the Balkans in half one absolutely nothing. Passes were too short or long, modestly timed without exception, flanks sailed in cruel regularity to Nirvana. That Croatia survived playfully in the first half was simply down to the English, who can not or do not want to play the game. And if, according to Mike Büskens, „the second booth does not work,“then everything changes and then comes right. Or just as predicted.

The prediction before the game and at the pub table was simply that if the Croats are lucky, they win the game. And so, the 1345th flank of Vrsaljko, who until then had been completely uninspired, actually landed in the penalty area, Perisic did not sit quite regularly against the completely beside him standing Walker and via Kung Fu kick struck it to compensate. At this moment, many write this morning, the game tipped over. That is not quite true. Already in the first half England had made the typically English mistake of thinking on the same level of performance as France, only defending it and now and then celebrating a nice-looking attack. Sure, Sterling and Alli are running very well and are also trouble spots, but that’s all. Kane, and that was the problem was only physically present. Not only was it not enough, it took the Englishmen out of the game in the first half, giving the Croats even more space in their uncertainty and inaccuracy. From the equalizer England had long since given the game out of hand and did not take place against the now turned up and at one time accurately playing Croats simply. Perisic could have already set the kill shot in regular time. In extra time, his Kolege, the tireless Mario Mandzukic then did not hit the post and England, in their first challenging game of this tournament, defeated as expected. Cheer up, you have to say that. The team is young, promising, only a playmaker brand Kroos is missing. The rest is great and just has to gain experience.

The current discussion is clear. The majority sees the French ahead on Sunday and that certainly applies to the team. Only the team has the problem of having to play the game against the Croats. And sometimes that can get in the eye, especially in a final. Especially if, like France, you prefer to defend and counter. Croatia can and must therefore sit back and give the French a sip of their own medicine. If Mbappe, Giroud or Griezmann do not finish, then there is even a lot for the guys from the Balkans. So somehow it would not really be surprising if there was a penalty shootout on Sunday. And then the Croats just have more practice.

On Saturday, the warm-up event, when Belgium play the English knots in the legs, on Sunday then the final dessert. We are looking forward to both games.


 Fußball WM 2018 England-Anhänger mit Megaphon

Tag 2 vom Halbfinale

Wednesday, July 11th. Fronkreisch is in the final. That was to be expected, although the matter was not as elegant as many thought. A terrific game in front of a grandiose Kullisse, even Macron had come to cheer his team. We probably will not see that today. Boris Johnson would not have been granted a landing permit after his appearances, Theresa May would rather guard Downing Street, traveling would probably put her in front of the door.

To the game. Sure, the French had the more compact team, the better game layout, but above all they had Hugo Lloris. Their goalkeeper alone, they have to thank for not having collected at least 2 things. And a French praise is also due to the referee, who made every effort to allow the French a relaxed game. Amazing that a Uruguayan referee does not take revenge in a similar way as the Italian referee Rizzoli to the Germans in the European Championship semi-final. Of course it could also be because of the Connection Infantino-Platini-UEFA, that the Belgians were fouled yesterday, but at the same time were fouled without incident, especially the mega-step in the closing phase against Hazard was a scandal in the face of the ridiculous falls of the French people, especially the obviously under puppy protection standing Griezmann. Also not nice to look at was the unmasking of the so nice-looking Mbappe, who proved both in terms of theatricality as well as unsportsmanlikeness that Neymar gets competition from PSG.

Despite all the indignities, however, one must also state that Belgium certainly had their chances and, as I said, simply could not overcome Hugo Lloris, otherwise that would certainly have gone into extra time yesterday. The Belgians played strong combination and sometimes incredibly direct, just with the famous bad luck in the end. Not only has France won the luckier, but also a bit more mature and compact team, even if their playing style is not pretty to look at. Apart from a ten-minute playful and ravishing phase after the lead, the wait-and-see wall style of the team is as football-worthy as a comment by Jose Mourinho. We also owe that tactic to the man.

So today, England. The choice of sympathy is difficult. Croatia was a footballing outstanding in the 90s, but deeply human questionable team. Both 96 and 98’s tactics were simply to bring the Balkan war to the turf. The insults and sneaky fouls certainly still affect German and French players today. These days nothing is left of this mentality. The team is focused, modest and most personable. And in such a way that they did not even step back when they were badly beaten by the Argentines over the place. Instead, they simply gave the gauchos a few goals. Legendary.

The English are already a legend, at least when it comes to their supporters and the press. As usual on the island, the semi-final is a formality, the final is won anyway, because England just wins. Basically, you have to feel sorry for the team, that actually has nothing of the arrogance of its followers, but on the contrary of young, also highly sympathetic players, which would allow such a success absolutely. If there were not just the roaring hordes who would not celebrate a victory as a football World Cup, but would immediately proclaim the British world domination. If Brexit is basically the desire for final special status, a victory in Russia would be nothing more than the return of the English Empire. Apart from this satirical fiction, In the acoustic reality, the song Football’s Coming Home already has the charm of the endlessly noisy alarm system of the vacationing neighbor. For that reason alone, winning Croatia would be good for the nerves of everyone involved.

Good, bad fun – let’s surprise, who makes the leap into the final today. The chances are safe 50:50, it smells of extension. We will see who decides the game.


 Fußball WM 2018 Belgien Fan

Der Start des Halbfinales: Tag 1

Tuesday, July 10th. Semifinals. Time to devote to the teams and the backgrounds.

Belgium is crazy, enthusiastic, ecstatic and we are all happy with you. The team has long been considered a secret favorite, but also had with this great generation through various development and coaching phases. Although all coaches have taken the team forward in some way, it is the current coaching team that really succeeds because they are strategically and playfully well-positioned, and perhaps at the right time at the right place.

In coach Roberto Martinez, the Red Devils do not have a master-maker with a dazzling club career, which, however, have the fewest national teams. Martinez’s footballing stall smell is a flawless Premier League, where he has coached clubs such as Swansea, Wigan and Everton with mixed success. It may be this British impact that brings him closer to his three stars, DeBruyne, Hazard and Lukaku, all of whom played in the Premier League and had to tactically and physically come to terms with the British football mentality. This is another reason why the team like to attack in a flash and combine elegance with first-class athleticism.

Representative of this is also the man who is also in the double limelight today, because between two fronts and two beating hearts is: Thierry Henry. Every fan knows this player: With the French national team part of a technically stunning French dominance phase in world football, as a player of Arsenal part of probably the best tactical alignment, the club football has ever seen. Although many flag afterwind swungers like to attribute Alex Ferguson and his FA pushed ManU Klopp troupe to Arsene Wenger, with his London team it was a highly dynamic blend of sheer physical brute force (Parlor, Viera, Keown) and technical elegance (Henry, Bergkamp, Pirez , Wiltord). Now Thierry Henry is the assistant coach of the Belgians. Another cleverly chosen milestone in his trainer education, which he started at Arsenal and builds as meticulously as his playing career. Why does not this man in the French team, the sky knows. But then the French as well as the Dutch are known for animosities between the association, coaches and former star players, who could contribute so much. However, it is also clear that the current rather dry Deschamps style of the French is not particularly attractive to Henry. Coaches and former star players who could contribute so much. However, it is also clear that the current rather dry Deschamps style of the French is not particularly attractive to Henry. Coaches and former star players who could contribute so much. However, it is also clear that the current rather dry Deschamps style of the French is not particularly attractive to Henry.

Enough has been written about France, here too. On the one hand, the team did not play that breathtaking, but then this is not the place to be at this World Cup. Drama and excitement arise in the exchange of blows, important goals arise from counter situations, not in great but endless combinations within a ball sabote. The protagonists of this style of play are all worthy of the tournament flown. For this reason too, one can be critical of France, when the assembled press returns to praise. At the same time, one must also admit that the team delivers exactly what is needed. Similar to England, however, Belgium is the first serious opponent on the pitch until today, so far, including Argentina, there has been no challenging task to solve.

That will change today. Before Chelsea / City technicians Hazard and DeBruyne is in Romelo Lukaku a Knipser with Henry-worthy game intelligence, behind clear away his Mancunian buddies Kompany, Fellaini and Hotspur Vertonghen everything, behind it stands with Courtois the goalkeeper of Chelsea – the Belgian team is at least as strong from the club membership as the French stars. Therefore, the speed of a mbappe, the ball safety of a Giroud or the mix of dribbling and long passes of a Griezmann will surprise anyone. In the defense on the other hand, the team has to watch out for their equally illustrious stars, as players of the caliber Hazard and DeBruyne are Champions League final level. In between, Pogba will wander through the area mourning his dwindling market value.

For all these reasons, what we experience today is the early final. Whether a racy game develops, is an open question, but in any case play today by far the best teams in the tournament.

We will find tomorrow about England and Croatia and the result today. Now we are looking forward to a match with the highest level of tension.

It is done: Allez, Messieurs!


 Fußball WM 2018 Daumen drücken

Noch 1 Tag bis zum Halbfinale

Monday, July 9th. It is still football World Cup. For us Germans on the one hand a still very entertaining tournament. For the fans, inspiring lovers and even the 2-year sympathizers of the national team, the matter is understandably not really nice. There is the notion or view of orphaned or already degraded fan miles, the rather bad mood of all those who had organized parties and street parties and then, of course, the unspeakable theater of The Crew ™.

In a further adaptation of modern football marketing, Oliver Bierhoff, in reality, however, probably rather the commissioned agency, had devised a new communication kick, the hashtag #ZSMMN. This consonant Twitterballballing of the word „Together“ flies since the Mr. Bierhoff since Friday and since the weekend even more the President of the German Football Association around the ears.

That Bierhoff as a manager, including his esoteric-inspired managerial bullshit bingo, has led to absurdity with the core words of work-up, profound and problem analysis. His mauling excuse not to have read the explosive interview with the world, or to have read over the hard passages against Özil together with three other decision makers – so much misunderstanding has so far only dumbed together Alexander Dobrindt in the Ministry of Transport. Finally, the entire calamity came to a farce, as now the DFB President again struck in the barely softly sanded notch and ausholte in the kicker to the roundabout.

In doing so, Grindel impressively offers all qualities with which executives box upwards: one ignores one’s own responsibility as head of a failed apparatus, looks for scapegoats and demands of those who had previously been denied himself, marks various useless employees as contributors and gives them free to launch, as the icing on the whole then attested to the own staff immaturity and a general attitude problem.

In other words: Grindel criticizes an inflated infrastructure, for which he as the boss of the football association including manager Oliver Bierhoff draws responsibility. Instead of supporting Bierhoff’s nonsensical excuse, he demands a public statement from Mesut Özil and thus also marks him as the sole scapegoat of a debate fueled by ethnic and social explosives. He selects useless post-squatters like a Thomas Schneider, whose purpose-free action had been pointed out to him since the beginning of his term. Last but not least, the man goes in a kind of general accusation against the coaching staff almost completely ignored subsequent generation of players and muses in best Bierhoffscher guilt assignment manner, whether„Everything is working properly in the training of young players to player personalities“ . There may be characters who have rid themselves of their responsibilities even more miserably, unfortunately nobody comes to mind.

Such disgusting self-cleansing, ennobled with a mediaeval slash-and-burn, even outshines the practices of the former Minister of Transport mentioned above. But then Grindel is indeed a politician who has worked his way up to the Bundestag through the Lower Saxony CDU, as one learns the whole potpourri of leadership and career-promoting backhand returns from approaching Tellerminen. With its strategy demonstrated here, Grindel is in good tradition and society. After all, even Angela Merkel or Ursula von der Leyen never know when it comes to a scandal. This, according to the jargon in such cases, comes from individual mistakes and gaps in communication.

Communication is what would be needed here. A far more aggressive press that, like the two Olivers on Friday, does not relinquish this permanent, hands-on leadership gang. A hint of the backbone of the team’s leading players, from whose otherwise cool Twitter accounts there is currently a loud silence. #ZSMMN? By the way, here is just saving, who can.

That’s why tomorrow’s semi-finals will be played by teams. Sure, there is not everything in rosy cream, nor are there flat hierarchies. The talk of completely conspired heaps is a fairytale anyway. But it is teams who, in whatever way and in any case, win and lose together .

In Germany, as we learn again in these days, everything is political. So politically, the values of a modern multicultural Germany just not yet. Or maybe it was, but the wind blows harsh these days from the south and so different. From now on #zsmmn will only be won. Lost #alln by the # sndnbck.


 Fußball WM 2018 Ozeanparadies

Das Viertelfinale ist vorbei

Sunday, July 8th. Basically, nothing special happened. In both quarter-finals, the favorite has prevailed. Nevertheless, one notices from afar, what special moment this is for both winners.

First there is England, since a decade rather the joke in tournaments, for almost three decades no longer in a World Cup semi-final. Hard to digest for a nation that, for whatever reason, considers itself the best in the sport. Well, the English in football, the self-sacrificing fight, the physical effort, the songs and the power of the audience have their own flair. Only somehow you had never got that as a national team on the lawn. The angry, eventually frustrated incomprehension of the English fans there were always other teams that could play better. Then the FA had an idea. Instead of building like French or German academies, the top league was simply sold off to the highest bidder, taking (almost) all the stars and thus upgrading British football.

Meanwhile, the FA has adopted the idea of being able to solve everything with money and just saved the coach. Today you have academies, and finally, with Gareth Southgate, you have a man of vision and age. And behold, now plays a young horde considerable football. Whether that’s enough is   doubtful, but not impossible. The footballing statement of this young team is comparable to that of the Germans 2010. And who says that is no longer possible? If this World Cup has one to prove, then that no result is unimaginable.

If you had a time machine, traveled back 5 weeks with these results and made it to a betting shop or syndicate, you would have taken the salmon salvo of the decade. Now we are in a tournament that is expecting one with France, with Belgium a not so much expected and with England and Croatia two surprising semi-finalists.

England certainly did a good job yesterday, but they have not played against a really demanding team until today. The two halfway serious games were lost (against the B-Elf of the Belgians) or almost lost (Colombia). One can assume that at least Southgate is fully aware of this fact. Whether he gets this out of the minds of his players, if Croatia now runs aground, is questionable.

They also fly on a cloud, have finally shaken off the long shadows of Prosienieckis, Bobans and Sukers, are in the top four and had now twice in extra time. While that was completely unnecessary against a Denmark, which played even worse defensively than Sweden, we almost had to expect it yesterday. Sure, Croatia had the better Spielanlange and used this on more calming, in the match, however, almost too casual way. It had not helped, because Russia, driven by, among others, thousands of euphoric spectators ran and did not stop. Even in extra time, when the team scored the safe 2-2 in the 1: 2, the Russians ran circles around the visibly flagging Croats.

And so it can come this week as well. England against Croatia is a duel on par, exit unclear. France Belgium is an early final. Exit just as uncertain.

We will see who wins the thought duel, the game and the cup.


 Fußball wm 2018 Kroatische Anhänger

Tag 1 im Viertelfinale ist beendet – Start von Tag 2

Saturday, July 7th. The first semi-final is complete and it is already clear that the entire semi-final will take place for the first time in a long time without South American participation. That, it looks like today, is just fine.

Uruguay did not support their strong performance yesterday. Certainly a player of the caliber of a Cavani is missing everywhere. Nevertheless, there should have been more, especially since France also played restrainedly controlled yesterday and the game was actually decided by two giant goats of the Uruguayos. This is expected to a giant parade of Hugo Lloris and finished is a very lame 2: 0 victory. However, such victories can mean the way to the title. We remember a relatively lackluster victory of the German team against just those Frenchmen, who could have won the quarterfinals in the heat of Rio quite well. In that sense, France continues to unobtrusively make its way towards the final.

But first you have to play against Belgium. Yesterday, finally, finally, the golden generation has set a memorial, by the Brazilians with fight, elegance and passion from the tournament gekkegelt. The Sugarloaf goes then also the fault or guilty search and of course you have already found in person of the unfortunate Fernandinho, the master of the bucks and yesterday own scorer, to the torplessness of a Jesus and, big surprise, even with Neymar. Obviously the good man is mortal. At least that’s what you see in Brazil, when even those who notice how much time the champion has spent on the ground and how badly bad he acted yesterday. Focusing or focusing looks different.

In general, this World Cup is first and foremost that of the top performers. All successful teams have their important stars, from Rakitic to Griezmann, DeBruyne to Harry Kane. Without the boys, nothing works, they wear the team, decide the games and the rest acts around these game decision makers. If they fail, like Suarez or Neymar yesterday, it’s the last stop. The Germans had to  learn that, but they did not have a service provider.

After all, you could experience another Oliver in German TV yesterday. The manner in which goalkeeper legend and professional expert Kahn separated his helpless namesake Bierhoff with a few questions and statements made both joy and discouragement at the same time. Because Bierhoff, that is the truth, which we otherwise only know from the Chancellery, continues. Together with a trainer who is recognizable and powerless for all for the first time without his achievers. The result, according to the German sofa coach long been carried out analysis, is clear: No performance, no fitness, no attitude, no strategy and certainly no vision.

They have the English, who today have a good chance of the semi-finals. Nevertheless, they must pass the first real test, because for the first time they meet a team with a defense and dangerous strikers. The euphoria over the first victory on penalties should have followed the recognition that the team is extremely vulnerable and the Swedes are in this tournament probably the only team that exploits weaknesses ice cold.

In the other game we can only hope that neither referee nor dr. Everythingwillbealright influence the game, then things should go well for Croatia. We think. Again.

Let’s wait, when the game starts …


 Fußball WM 2018 Nächste bitte

Das Viertelfinale startet

Friday. 6th of July. The manager is back. In his gannzen splendor and ever-popular style, eloquent, ironed with perfect external appearance.

It was a matter of time before discussions in Germany would pick up speed. After each shock, there is first a period of pain digestion and suppression, then more intense aeration through discussions in forums and media commentary. At some point then the official reaction of those responsible, when a certain tenor has formed in people’s voice. Not so in this crisis. At least in this respect, the Team ™ team has maintained their strategic eloquence: Joachim Loew has come to terms with all his speculation and demands and published his courageous follow-up bulletin barely a week after the inglorious departure from Russia. It was followed by another meager press release on self-and re-establishment,

Ebenjer Oliver Bierhoff now returns from the thinking tank of his horse whisperer and begins the work-up and redefinition of Team ™ – first with an interview in the world and then today on Friday live in Second German Television. Shitstorm included, as far as Bierhoff was smart enough to read the interview. This is to be assumed and therefore no question, the man is serious. It has already been speculated that a review by the polluters and those responsible for a crashing failure has about the same qualification as an ethics committee consisting of FIFA officials. The fact that Bierhoff would now sink to FIFA’s level in its preparation, however, was not foreseeable.

Yesterday’s headline from his interview saw him “ move away“ from Mesut Özil , an understatement in the face of what Bierhoff actually said. From unreasonableness with the player there was the speech and that one could force no one and thus the damage in the team was immense. In other words, #ZSMMN was yesterday, today Özil is released for launch. Something like that must the inclined reader, football fan and not infrequently experienced company employees only a little bag before drop, before the only logical conclusion comes from the gun shot:

A manager who ignored the Erdogan crisis with an already arrogance, collapses in the team as well as playful and human discrepancies for months or years unrecognized and this shattered unfounded pile not in a team-building resort, but without comment in a Russian jail Forest and now thinks work-up begins with the public execution of a single player – such a person urgently needs to get away. Either to Munich in the election campaign Söder or Switzerland to FIFA as a personal advisor to Brother Infantino. Both are always on the lookout for technically dilettierend and ethik-resistant stab experts.

Keyword FIFA. The had sent the German shooting judge Brych after his wrong decision against Serbia home. Due to the political pressure maybe over-hard, technically more or less comprehensible. It remains to be seen, however, whether we may experience the new star in the referee sky, US whistle violinist again. Maybe in a final Croatia against Uruguay. The odds on all events without a ball would be an absolute festival.

Enough of the commentary – Matchday! The tension is rising every hour, today is the day of the day, we are experiencing two quarterfinal pairings, which would both have quality and suitability for a World Cup final.

With Uruguay, on the one hand, the most compact and strategically best is because with a perfect diamond and fantastic attitude acting team with the most effective attack duo. It is therefore quite possible that the guys get it done today. The French on the other hand have, contrary to the opinion of the LesBleuxStars with start in the butt jumping media, at this World Cup team only slightly torn. As always they have great players, or just the one in Mbappe. The rest is glamor, under which nothing hides other than good Passtechnik and especially the long pass on just the sprinting Mbappe or also herumgeisternden Griezmann. Sorry, but for a world champion, that’s not enough and, if continued to be so arrogantly downplayed, will not be enough tonight. Not against these Uruguayos.

The Belgians are facing the mammoth task of beating Brazil. On the other hand, the question arises, why this is so incredibly difficult. Granted, Willian, Silva, Coutinho and Jesus are great players, and certainly Neymar, if he stands. But a concentrated defense can stop this attack. Especially when their defense without Marcelo is finally required and there are at least players like DeBruyne, Hazard and Lukaku running. The guys from the Sugarloaf Mountain have every reason to look at the matter today with more than respectful insecurity.

More precise game predictions? Not here. But in this blog too many peculiar or wishful premonitions have been kicked by the reality in the buttocks. No, we do it like everyone else: be there live when the games start.


Fußball WM 2018 Skulptur

Noch ein Tag bis zu den Viertelfinal-Spielen

Thursday, July 5th. Whenever you think a limit has been reached, or stupidly worse outrageous, it would not be any more, any nice person comes and teaches us a better one.

The latest example is not the Berlin Posse around the Bavarian Foreign Minister, it is – after all, this is a football blog – our favorite organization FIFA. That this store has not much to do with ethics, knows the last football layman. Defined by the unforgettable Sepp Blatter as the charity organization of the 21st century, successors, UEFA veterans and Platini speci Gianni Infantino have not come a millimeter closer to a morally more just corporate vision, on the contrary. The latest bon mot entwines, how should it be different these days, to player legend Diego Armando Maradona – the man who works obsessively at the transformation of his own monument.

Maradona, which may come as a surprise for some, during the World Cup by FIFA as an ambassador hired and receives a fine of around 10,000 euros per game. This fact alone has enough comedic potential, but aside from coal, Maradona’s inimitable interpretation of his mission has been indelibly burned on the retina of every spectator. In this respect, one can not say that he honestly did not earn his fee. Unforgettable his Torfeier the game of his Albiceleste, We all know such performances from our first frontal collision with the forbidden stuff from Papa’s cellar, but not from an official campaign. And therein lies the divine inspiration, the congenial strategy in Master’s ulterior motive, delivered in Russian Matrioshka style, the ambassador’s message: Look at me and think, you idiots. In contrast, the DFB campaign „No power to drugs“ has the sex appeal of a Protestant Kirchentag.

But now Maradona has even entered forbidden terrain for FIFA. This by not only openly criticizing the touchdown of the American shooting judge Geiger by FIFA referee chairman and demigod Pierluigi Collina, but blamed the  „incompetent“ violinist against the defeat of the Colombians against England and even fraud. For a South American, especially the man with the hand of God, this is a very interesting statement, but therefore no less legitimate: Although he probably spoke to a neutral majority of football fans worldwide from the soul, but for truths, a club like FIFA is not to have. And so their PR gurus published a text that finally made the matter a satire by using theMaradona’s „unfortunate statements“ mourns and adds that FIFA is „upholding everything in its power to uphold principles such as fair play, integrity and respect in the World Cup and the way FIFA is now led“ . Of course. Next comes Donald Trump, referring to his career as a writer. He has? Oh man….

Nevertheless, we enjoy today a day off and the fact that the waves of excitement have smoothed a bit. In England, people still tell anecdotes from the century match, in which even drinking bottles play a decisive role like Lehmann’s cheat sheet. This, as well as the sweaty oath of the English press, not to speak of the title or dissecting coach decisions, they are indulged. So we know our boys from the island and so they will suffer again on Saturday and fall deeply. Or in case of a win the title already in your pocket, semi-final or not.

Elsewhere, preparations are already being made for the unofficial tomorrow’s semifinals, whose matches will be as if they were written yesterday, and that Saturday will be like a company outing. Neither experts agree on who will win nor who will play the lead roles. Of course, one can and must expect a Neymar to feel challenged by the theatricality of the England game and to build a bolt-on balance in his bottom roll. The Uruguayos is all about the bruise on Cavani’s calf muscle. However, since the diagnosis was published on the net, one can assume a commitment. Connoisseurs remember the calf of the nation in 2006, has indeed worked. In any case, this will be the first serious opponent for the Equipe Tricolorebecome. Just like the Belgians, who can give the Brazilians their first and only major defeat.

The tension is rising, the games are just great.

 Fußball WM 2018 englisches Frühstück

Der finale Tag im Achtelfinale

Wednesday, 4th of July. Independence Day. It’s time. No, aliens are not (yet) landing. After years of drought, the English have actually reached the knockout phase and even just barely survived the game. This is a mature performance after a winless World Cup preliminaries and an EC defeat in the round of 16 against Iceland, before the English goalkeeper Joe Hart asked before the entry into the booth an official, if one would actually drop in a defeat. Yesterday’s snow, the English have always made intelligent staff and their homework in really all areas.

In German climes one thinks idly that with modern understanding of quality, self-renewing strategy and professional preparation now the German team would wait for the English and we would all have immense fun … Well, Germany 2018: Like the Chancellor and the Bavarian Minister of Foreign Affairs has also allowed the Jogi to keep his job and can now continue to flit himself, without him reality let alone disturb the concerns of the Fussvolks. That’s the way it is today, performance testing is only possible in the workshop. Beyond the Blaumann zone, there is the principle of a beautiful appearance that no real headwind can harm

Back to our friends from the island. They are back. With everything that makes British football so nice and expensive: Nice-looking speed runs of the Premier League Stars, nice-looking room layout, one or the other chance. But then, if it is to go in the depths, nothing comes first. As in the terrific looking and tasting, nutritionally but completely indiscussable English breakfast. And so the beautiful appearance gradually disintegrated. Also, because the Englishmen were irritated by the by no means impressed and highly motivated Colombians. So the game quickly turned into a pseudo drama filled with unnecessary nickelism, in which both sides tried to outdo each other with theatrical embarrassment. And yes, we understood: Neymar is God, sorry, a Freudscher – good. If that falls, It really looks like he’s dying. Compared to his grandiose facial expressions yesterday was not even RTL-eve level.

First inglorious climax, the wrestling match of Kane (causer) and Sanchez (full post). To make matters worse, the overburdened and otherwise completely beside American referee copy whistled penalty. It must be formulated so blatantly, the regulatory intelligence of Referee Geiger corresponds approximately to a government statement by Donald Trump after the fourth beer. The final definition of the embarrassment then provided the three and a half minute turmoil around the penalty spot. Noteworthy here only the English fans in the local pub and probably in the stadium, which proves every provocative and acting Colombians per second with 5 swear words and celebrating the identical actions of their players frenetically as a feat. Frenetic panic in the balance, completely frenetic finally the liberated cheers, as the English turn the decisive penalty in the shootout. Afterwards, they were typically assured of having broken a curse, even though they had again narrowly missed the defeat. Sponge on it, this was actually a kind of coping with a trauma, so let’s give it to the boys after their embarrassing performances in 2014 and 16. Now it’s against Sweden, a much tougher nut.

Yes, the Swedes. The have won by a strange luck goal in a relatively sedated, disguised as eighth-final preparation game. Against Switzerland. They were there too.

Now the quarterfinals are complete. Right on Friday we are expecting the mega-coaches Uruguay-France and Belgium-Brazil. Given the tournament form of the teams actually the early semi-final. Of course Croatia will be able to and will have to improve. Beat the Russians, they should move into the final because Sweden and England are with their current Spielveranlagung absolutely no title candidates. Let’s say so. And then everything comes differently. Especially if the host country runs on Saturday in Sochi.

The game remains exciting.

 Fußball wm 2018 weinendes Baby

Tag 3 im Achtelfinale

Tuesday, 3rd of July. There was a time in the author’s youth when the Brazilian Elf played breathtaking football. The ball ran and danced through the ranks of its samba-relaxed conductors and sorcerersJunior, Zico, Falcao, Eder and, of course, Socrates. One was relaxed and inspired, fouls were more of a kind of annoying obstacle. You did not win a World Cup, but you were a team that was respected. We fans of our somewhat more successful, but technically very limited national team had a lot of respect and could only admire the guys from the Sugar Loaf in victory against our team. In the Neckarstadion to Stuttgart, the Brazilians got applause from us on an open scene.

Different today. Sure, the team is really nice. Especially we Germans should really treat this troubled Elf us the success and the rehabilitation after the disgrace of 2014. Actually. The whole thing is unfortunately spoiled by a player who has been targeting biting sarcasm in this blog before. And why not? Ever since Neymar Jr. hit European football, the word star cult has taken on a new dimension. Having landed in Barcelona like an extraterrestrial, he has sometimes kept the club in suspense because of his playing, mostly because of his airs. This, in order to then change quickly to Paris, because in the Basque country next to Messi he was given too little honor and especially spotlight. Of course, such a deal must be financed. Appearance of the helpful sheikhs from Qatar, Financiers the new Platini toy PSG. Neymar, who had earned a lot of money on this deal, has since become the official ambassador of the sporty and human questionable World Cup in Qatar. That should not bother the man less than other much more important aspects. Meanwhile, the hustle and bustle about his person in Paris has become too much. One should tell his local club mates, especially Mr. Cavani. Meanwhile, Neymar claims that he may wish to return from exile to his Basque kingdom. After all, Qatar also financed this club, as another rain of money can be easily paid from the petty cash of the oil multinational. All involved will surely get their money’s worth. has since been the official ambassador of the sporty and human questionable World Cup in Qatar. That should not bother the man less than other much more important aspects. Meanwhile, the hustle and bustle about his person in Paris has become too much. One should tell his local club mates, especially Mr. Cavani. Meanwhile, Neymar claims that he may wish to return from exile to his Basque kingdom. After all, Qatar also financed this club, as another rain of money can be easily paid from the petty cash of the oil multinational. All involved will surely get their money’s worth. has since been the official ambassador of the sporty and human questionable World Cup in Qatar. That should not bother the man less than other much more important aspects. Meanwhile, the hustle and bustle about his person in Paris has become too much. One should tell his local club mates, especially Mr. Cavani. Meanwhile, Neymar claims that he may wish to return from exile to his Basque kingdom. After all, Qatar also financed this club, as another rain of money can be easily paid from the petty cash of the oil multinational. All involved will surely get their money’s worth. One should tell his local club mates, especially Mr. Cavani. Meanwhile, Neymar claims that he may wish to return from exile to his Basque kingdom. After all, Qatar also financed this club, as another rain of money can be easily paid from the petty cash of the oil multinational. All involved will surely get their money’s worth. One should tell his local club mates, especially Mr. Cavani. Meanwhile, Neymar claims that he may wish to return from exile to his Basque kingdom. After all, Qatar also financed this club, as another rain of money can be easily paid from the petty cash of the oil multinational. All involved will surely get their money’s worth.

In the square, on the other hand, there is little happening. Passes he plays like any other, dribbling happen here and there, nothing makes you click there with your tongue, like sometime in the much more gifted Zidane. Goals can be staged – as in Barcelona or Paris – by other players, so yesterday Willian, outstanding, the eyes of all people and cameras are only on Neymar, who keeps his foot in the flank at the right moment for his magic goal. Or holding it in pain and rolling on the floor, shouting after an unexplainable scramble, as if he had just been shot down by a big game hunter. Neymar may be a star – his airs and his embarrassing performances make a Christiano Ronaldo look like a Buddhist monk in a vow of silence.

Also and especially because of that should be on Friday the vast majority of sympathies with the Belgians. They saw to the first really crisp World Cup match yesterday. For the first time in this rather tough tournament two teams have gone to the absolute limit. Japan, typically disciplined and uncharacteristically aggressive, had the Belgians already on the verge of defeat until the Belgians turned the game in a mix of desperate Fussbaldusel and spunky team spirit. Finally a real fight. That and only we want to see. No self-interested jogging or howling in front of the cameras – real competitive sport.

That’s what we have today, when the Swedes and the Swiss will meet and give each other just as little as England and Colombia. In both cases a game on an absolute eye level and therefore predestined for drama and great sport. With real feelings, from sadness to triumph. This works out. Is a pure question of attitude. And the money.

In this respect: Hopp – Vamos – Come on and låt oss gå – the game continues.



 Fußball wm 2018 Mädchen, die Spaß haben

Tag 2 im Achtelfinale

Monday, July 2nd. This World Cup, that is clear now, works on the principle of the ten small … Sorry, politically mega-incorrect. So one after the other flies out. Unfortunately we have to express that unexceptionally before we receive a warning from the group of do-gooders in Wanne Eickel. Not with us, this blog is ethically 100% biodegradable.

After Germany, Argentina and Portugal, it has now caught the Spaniards. The game is a reflection of German tactics: ball possession until deep sleep paired with the hope that an angel has mercy, descends and carries the ball into the goal. Ironically, the game then decided on the basis of a header duel – ingenious double word game by the way. Spicy because the orchestrated disassembly of the world champion in the European Championship semi-final by the Italian referee Rizzoli used exactly the same trick, or established him at the time: Bastian Schweinsteiger rose in the header duel and touched the ball with his hand. In league play, probably also in the international cup, that would have interested no shooting judge even marginally. At the European Championships and with the order provided France was the final whistle, this decision was discussed, but unfortunately it was just handball. Just like 237,456 other handball games in which a defender gets the ball in hand, and not vice versa (and yes, there is even a rule that is just constantly being interpreted differently). It happened again yesterday: Penalty whistle against Piqué, who had got the ball beheaded in the header duel to the hand. From the back. One can admire the interpretation behind it only speechless, intention without view. Of course it’s easier too: Gerard Piqué is a Jedi. which is only constantly interpreted differently). It happened again yesterday: Penalty whistle against Piqué, who had got the ball beheaded in the header duel to the hand. From the back. One can admire the interpretation behind it only speechless, intention without view. Of course it’s easier too: Gerard Piqué is a Jedi. which is only constantly interpreted differently). It happened again yesterday: Penalty whistle against Piqué, who had got the ball beheaded in the header duel to the hand. From the back. One can admire the interpretation behind it only speechless, intention without view. Of course it’s easier too: Gerard Piqué is a Jedi.

Well, you have to – like the Germans in 2016 – honestly state: If you appear without fit striker and does not score goals, you are at the mercy of a determined shooter. Like Germany, Spain dominated at will and played the exclusively defending home team on the wall. But ball possession football was already 2016 out. This proved the triumphal march of the countering Icelanders and the fact that a troop like Portugal could win the European title. A Passquote like one thousand and one night may enchant aesthetes, you can win nothing. And so the Russians held the gifted draw, saved themselves on penalties, won it in total intoxication and kicked out the Spaniards. A country, so coach Cherchesov in his funny and great German, „is head“. And you may treat them to it. So Russia is in the quarterfinals. Against Croatia. That should be a clear thing, or final destination for Russia? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that.

The guys from the Balkans, so far also in this blog acted as favorites, also pushed gestures to their limits. Maybe they are more like opponents, such as Argentina, who also make the game themselves. Maybe the Croats are more counteractive, so technically dependent on enemy actions. There is no other explanation for the fact that yesterday there were two goals in the disorganized start, then a few alibi chances and then complete mutual neutralization. Well, that’s first and foremost the game of the Danes, who are sympathetic, but for a good reason involved in the worst games of this World Cup. But, as I said and often written, it’s no longer about playing, it’s about winning, no matter how. Playful activity, dominance, goals, all the snow of yesterday. Nevertheless, one must also state,

That’s exactly what the Belgians‘ problem might be tonight. And tomorrow the English, where the entire core of the team will then have had a full 9 day competition break without any play. Good luck boys. We’re going to clean our glasses, so we will not miss a minute of the show because a player’s dream came true: Neymar is the last remaining superstar in the tournament. Jepp, only the man with the noodles in his hair, the team-friendly game and the modesty of an American president. Super.

Let’s look forward to more action and hopefully more entertainment. And good games.


 Fußball WM 2018 Meeresfrüchte Risotto

Tag 1 im Achtelfinale

Sunday, July 1st. Now it is a reality. The two kings of football, the UEFA / FIFA Carnival princesses, the sky-high-flying over-the-counter or, in short, Messi and Ronaldo are out. And in both cases absolutely justified. With all due respect to their ability, but not only the exasperating hype about their person, but the disastrous impact on the team and their game made this departure a matter of time. And a must for football fans.

Portugal. Sure, there is a Quaresma, but unfortunately nothing comes after that. Significant for yesterday’s game as the only Portuguese goal. A complete random production in which St. Christian had risen like a god, missed the ball, and, Sport1 said, the cherry fell on Pepe’s head. That’s the whole problem of Portugal in one sentence. Here not only media coverage or merchandise, but a team sport is completely tailored or reduced to one person. Even the Portuguese fans and with them a few neutral spectators always cried out when the magical Christian came to the ball. There can be no greater contempt for a team. Quite different from Uruguay. Organized, playing with a working diamond in midfield, young and experienced players (Dear DFB: Yes, that goes) in unison and defending the gaze for the game and smart acting forward, there two exceptional players who rip their asses for their team. Okay, Suarez has also rediscovered his nasty bag of tricks and we’re sure to see more of it. But that does not change the fact that this team is the most compact next to Croatia.

And so we would be with the other Messi (as). He is actually quite a nicer on the pitch, above all, he does not pull his pants over the baseball before the free kick and enjoys the idea to broadcast his gem in full screen worldwide. Both may share a similar contempt for earthly stuff such as taxes. However, Lionel Messi also has its own chasms. The restlessness in the albicelesteThis time it is mainly attributed to him behind closed doors, he dictates the lineup. Obviously, each system, another for each game, was tailored to him, every attack was on him. And that was the crux, especially if players like Higuain or Dybala were not drawn against Portugal. So it came, as it had to come. The French, once again less than a minute interested in the structure of the game, but only counterattacking, only had to react at the moment of the backlog. The defenders moved up, the rest was done by the fast Monsieur Mbappe.

If everything has raved about France since yesterday, then you have only a few players in view again. But this focus, as all previous sensations teach us, is wrong. This is the World Cup of Teams and Team Play. In any attempt to hypnotize players and continue to drive this unbearable marketing cult of personality – this time, no champion will sell shampoos or videos on his club choice.

Today is therefore the day of the paella. A dish that gets its genius from the interplay of roast chicken and its fat, saffron, seafood, tomatoes, lemons and a touch of tarragon. A court that we dedicate to the day of the teams. Especially the spanish team shaken by his idiotic bandage. It’s the day of collaboration, the day of interaction. The Croats play against the Danes, the Spaniards against the home team Russia. No cult no hype. Teamwork.

And if this goes on today and especially tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, then that can manifest itself very quickly in a quarter-finals, in which may not come through the formidable French, not the dancing Brazilians or the cool Englishman. The whole thing is a game and it always depends on the team. Only then will you win the crucial game.


 Fußball WM 2018 Frankreich Anhänger

Auftakt für das Achtelfinale

Saturday, June 30th. While in Germany the analysis thunderstorm is still raging and analyzed, where there is nothing to analyze for a long time, because everything has been analyzed and still offers new analyzes analytical approaches that nobody would have thought of, the tournament continues elsewhere.

Yesterday was a holiday in Malta, the last matchday of the group stage the evening before had ushered in this stress-free day, because football was played there only conditionally. Protect key players, as a gift. To spare key teams, or even sacrifice the group victory, because that part of the tournament tree seems the lighter, not good. Not professional and tactically extremely unwise.

This verdict is currently being attacked by the English team and especially coach Southgate, to whom the playing rhythm of his team seems unimportant. Now that you’ve lost to a Belgian B-team, it’s against Colombia. Hard, but then Sweden or Switzerland would come. Aha. One notices that England has not played in a knockout rhythm for a long time, otherwise nobody would come up with this intelligence-free solution. If you dare to do it, and in England at a tournament with such opportunities, you can not imagine what that homecoming will be.

But now the day of the decision today. Two top favorites, who have not convinced so far, must now unpack their best football. Argentina are just playing badly and have to fight through what they could do, as they are the other big tournament team besides Germany, albeit without a coach this time around. France has Deschamps, but does not play at all and could start now. After all, you have the most attractive and expensive players in the tournament. The hhate one but also in the European Championship final 2016 and that came to a joke., The thing rises already at 16 o’clock and will certainly be the first big hit of the knockout round.

Not surprisingly (think this way) it should be in the other game. It is   not really clear that Portugal will bring home, too strong the Uruguayan defense, too strong their storm – as even a Ronaldo in best form can not tear alone. But maybe all of you will be reluctant to have a physical dispute, then the result would be much more offerers.

Anyway, it’s gonna be chipping, the game for everything.


 Fußball WM 2018 Morgen Kater

Letzter Tag der Gruppenspiele

In the 1980s, this was the title of a rousing film that shockingly dramatized the moment and consequences of a nuclear strike. What this film did, however, was attention, discussion and awareness. From citizens to politicians. What came was change.

Thursday, June 28th. This super-GAU has now hit German football. But, and that’s the good news, such a low point marks a turnaround and the beginning of something new.

In 2000, German football was in a similar but far worse situation. At that time, a staid and technically defeated German team in the preliminary round of the European Championship against Portugal was eliminated, even offered only their B-team. At that time, the DFB President sat alone on the terrace and decided the beginning of a development that was to give the German national team football structure, training content, system and professionalism. Later came Klinsmann and Löw, the rest is history.

Today we see a team that basically still has fantastic opportunities and players. What is missing are goals, strategies and above all one thing: hunger. This greed for success has driven the generation of 2009 to turn a 2010 World Cup on its head and win in 2014. The strategic vision, which Hansi Flick presented as a motto, was: A  good start  needs enthusiasm , a  good  end discipline.

Hansi Flick, the good spirit, organizer, coach and planning driver is missing the team at every turn, there is a lack of strategy and vision and above all hunger is missing. The statements of Mats Hummels, who remembers the last good game sometime in 2017 and Manuel Neuer, who attested a complete emptiness and mused that one would not have come far in the knockout round anyway – these two statements of these two players speak volumes , The team is hungry. This only exists for players who are not full. So what it takes is a reboot on the basis of what has been achieved. The structure is there, it needs fresh wind – from the coaching bench to the team, which now has to be healthy and renewed.

Other teams have gone through this process, such as Brazil, Croatia, Belgium, Spain (with the exception of the most stupid coach dismissal in history) and with good progress England and Switzerland. Yesterday, you could see an unconvincing but strong Brazilian Elf fueling self-confidence. Switzerland has also presented surprisingly strong in the tournament and will now compete against Sweden with very good chances.

Today, the third cracker of the tournament: It will be seen if secret favorite Belgium and would-be favorite England actually tear something. Then it should be clear where the strengths lie and who could do the race. Let us surprise ourselves and at least see the whole thing more relaxed as the games go on and the tension increases.


 Fußball WM 2018 Zombie Gang

Tag 14 der Gruppenspiele

Wednesday, June 27th.   Argentina has won. Juhu. And so they make it to the second round. Whether Maradona will make it there, is questionable. Equally interesting is the question of whether doping tests could extend to the public – but then we are talking about Russia, the topic seems more of a nutritional issue there. But then, after the affront at the opening match, the good Diego was apparently assigned a personal assistant, provider and living seat belt by the Russian organizers. In this respect, we will probably experience the next part of this docusoap on Saturday, when it comes to France for the first interesting KO-Clash.

Oh,  Les Bleus. Sure, you spare regular players for the now confirmed first big challenge in the second round. Nevertheless, the kick yesterday was not as boring as feared and the first 0: 0, which you might expect from the hitherto snoring boring kicking Franzmas. No, yesterday was a spineless non-aggression pact that reminded for long stretches of the German-Austrian deal of Gijon. For the younger ones: That was by far the worst and most devious ball attachment ever. But, the fat end always comes. In this case, for both, because the French get to do it with the Argentine racket team, the Danes can look forward to a fun evening with the tournament favorites.

Because favorite is latest since yesterday Croatia. Their B-Elf played despite a loose starting position a fair and good game against Iceland. In this range, the Croatian squad is best placed next to Germany, but the style of play seems to be the time of the golden Croatian generation. For the Belgians, we still have to see how they can withstand demanding opponents (not necessarily England). The second favorite is therefore currently Uruguay. Although they have not played a serious opponent, but provide by far the safest defense and with Suarez and Cavani one of the most effective assault series. That will be the reason why Christian can pack his bags on Sunday.

Today, the decision now, whether the era Jogi Löw ends, or the tournament for the German team starts. As always, the group phase was or is mixed, but that has never been different in Germany. Today it is against a weaker, but by no means harmless opponent. He has some fast-paced players and the Lord Song, the Bundesliga fans still know from Leverkusen times. However, Julian Brandt does that too. Incidentally, this is a place to trust in the starting eleven, although one should rather assume that the store should be held tight and compact in the first place, maybe even without an early goal. In that sense, we will probably experience Sule and, hopefully, Khedira instead of Gundogan,

In the evening, the opponent decides. Brazil is struggling for the group victory and recognition, as even their own fans are now annoyed by the messianic posturing of their megastar. You have to get that done in the football craziest country of everlasting hero worship. Fortunately, in the second game, Switzerland can draw on its two politically active stars, everything else would have been a farce. So the ground is ready – find out who has what it takes to become world champion and who has to fight to stay in the game.


 Fußball WM 2018 Tambourin

Tag 13 der Gruppenspiele

So, dear Moroccans and Iranians, what was that yesterday, please?

Tuesday, June 26th. We remember the first group match at the beginning of the World Cup. Morocco and Iran play like two bar teams in the morning after the fair. Tacklings are first and foremost directly into the body, fitting accuracy is 2.4 per thousand and the goal arises like the rest of the game in a psychedelic mixture of bad luck, coincidence and inability.

And then that. Morocco plays the Spaniards in phases. The Spaniards, Jedi riots of football, fathers of hypnosis Tikitaka. And Iran has the winner on the ground? Against Portugal ?? And against, yes, what was wrong with little Christian? First shot a penalty so badly, like messiah colleague Messi and then the mother of sacrilege, a yellow card. Against the Christian. Surely that would be red with every mortal player, but, dear FIFA, yellow? For the Christian? Voorsicht, nor such a god insult and the Christian does not play with. You have it then.

Now it comes for the shaken Spaniards for supposedly easier game against Russia. If you think so, but yesterday, the Russians have an unlikely, but still minimal chance. It gets better in the duel the beauty and the beast , when the Portuguese one-man ballerina team compete against Uruguay, the After all, Lecters can also offer a Cavani. Will be tough for Christian. The benefits are clearly with Hannibal.

Today it will not be so exciting between France and Denmark, all eyes are on the showdown between Argentina and Nigeria. The fact that Croatia risked something is rather unacceptable, they can out of sheer venom against Iceland even a C-team. And singing while warming up I’m a rebel just for kicks . In this respect, we hope for Croatian fair play and Nigeria. Because a team, as listless, decadent and unfair as the Argentine could well tolerate a preliminary round off. Or rather not and that would be fine. So, let’s go Nigeria !! Play the game of all games!


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… or is that your Bartgel … ok, we’ll leave that for now.

Monday, June 25th, Day 2 after the emotional and cardiological roller coaster ride. Pleasantly little footballing mumbling in the press and why? Sure, the team is not yet perfectly positioned, but instead of using the completely harmless and indisposed Draxler, Özil will definitely need Özil again as an extended arm for Toni Kroos. In defense, the duo Hummels-Süle could provide further stability. Otherwise, the game in the second half was good and courageous, but unfortunately not very effective in the Torabschluss. However, this is a phenomenon that we have been observing for some time, more precisely, that cost us the title in France. It is not just a Thomas Miller out of shape (by the way just as worthy of discussion), it’s simply the game that emerges if the opposing team barricades itself in its own penalty area and does not come out except for two allowed exceptions. But we had all that yesterday, so today stories outside of the sixteenth.

In Sweden, in addition to the sucker punch, especially the moment of the final whistle hit high waves after two German officials had stormed from their own bank to the Swedish, to celebrate the final whistle in the sly way. Not the fine kind, but just as little worth mentioning (except internally, because ironically, one of the two full posts media consultant). Of course, now falls the entire German Überfliegerperfektionsgutmenschenfraktion on the two ago. As always in the German I-must-now-somebody-ready-mode is thereby relaxed ignored that there must have occurred a few, in order to provoke such a certainly stupid, but understandable action. Time Game, Demanding a Red Card, Frustration and then the physical reaction of the Swedes – actually and athletically one registers the complete incident under Spieladrenalin, leaves it on that same playing field and cries then not for days into each microphone. But the Swedes are also entitled to frustration. Is not really Winkingerhaft, but understandable.

Pleased yesterday’s matchday. England has delivered on all British quality levels. The team has beaten an eighth-rate opponent, the press and every semi-mobile ex-professional attested the team now the ability to the World Cup, you fly on cloud nine, the title is ours. As always. The first damper will come in the form of Belgium, the next in the first knockout game, when the English defense will find that there are teams setting up strikers. It is to really treat the guys from the island to be more successful, but then we just miss the entertainment value. Especially we Germans are currently experiencing this in reverse, as each nation assures us how much they enjoy watching an actual tournament-winning team like HSV play.

One, yes it must be acknowledged again, yesterday again offered the group H. There Senegal leads the table, ahead of Japan. Well, was not really foreseeable, but also the third in the table Colombia has reported back impressively, the Poland beaten very clearly and thus tapered out of the tournament.

Still physically in the tournament, but otherwise not really present is Argentina coach Sampaoli. He was apparently disempowered, decisions now make the players. That is really refreshing and somehow justified in view of the salary. What the man then wants to do on the bench, how the team prepares and plays, who receives the laurels or punches – we are curious.

And now it starts, the week of truth. By Thursday there are two group showdowns every day, the second part of the race in the next higher gear. The first two groups will start today, the big hitters Russia and Uruguay, who will fight for the group victory in direct duel. Spain and Portugal deliver a remote duel. In the end, in the round of 16, the winner of each match will face the loser of the other. Well, let the showdown begin.


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Sunday, June 24th. Old Swede, that was hard. For the blood pressure, for breathing and at all. Somehow, nothing is easy these days. Good game and then a silly counter-gate. But you do not have to catch it. After all, this time the team came back, also because the thing looked different from the beginning, as against Mexico. Nevertheless, there are some unpleasant memories.

France, European Championship   2016. A German team which basically holds the ball for 90 minutes and constricts the penalty area, left to right, left to right to left until a counterattack leads to the opposite goal. The whole thing has been going on for years now, the opponent is in the back and waiting for counterattack against Germany. In 2016 the opponent is France. Yep. The title favorite, at home in Marseille and is eleven on the goal line. For such an appearance with such stars missing the words. But unfortunately this tactical destruction football makes school. since Jose Mourinho declared football a personal ego trip and trophy hunt. Playing was yesterday, today only the Skalps count on the belt.

In this tournament we are witnessing the confirmation of this trend: A team builds up with all the players in and around the penalty area, not contributing to the game for a single second, but defending and waiting for counterattack. Teams like Iran, Panama, Iceland or Sweden, may not do anything else, but unfortunately all but Chelsea, Brazil, Belgium and Germany are currently playing at their best. 

Today it will not be different, Panama will certainly not   attack England . Colombia, on the other hand, has to score, as do Poles today. But whether this ends in offensive football, unfortunately, remains to be seen. Because the result counts and the pressure rises.

 Fußball wm 2018 deutsche Würste

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Saturday, June 23rd. It happened, the holy Neymar appeared. And scored a goal. Yippieh Ya Yay. His team is guided by celestial energies, his body of earthly, colloquial centrifugal force. But enough of the words and the malice, it’s all said. And it’s easy: Fred was yesterday, no one likes Neymar’s ass.

The Vikings landed on far-off Iceland from far-off Iceland, because yesterday the hour of the Nigerian lions struck. Acting cleverly and, when it came down to it, using a wonderful technique, they beat mercilessly, both times after great counterattacks, both times through Musa. His 1-0 in the World Cup showreel is taken over, so fine the man picked the ball in the run from the air. Iceland must now score against Croatia, that should not work. And Nigeria, folks, you ALL cross your fingers against Argentina.

In the evening then the first political game. At first, because the Serbian fans had nothing better to do than whistle the two Swiss Kosovar origin. Justice in this case meant that just these two gave the Serbs the gates. Political gestures are then understandable in the angry Torjubel, but still out of place. But then football was always political. Also knows Mr. Putin.

Today, then, the day of the decision, continue in the World Cup or from home. Mats Hummels cervical vertebra has closed down, that’s not good, but no drama. You will see which formation will run, but you will definitely see a completely different team. And we all hope so, because, with all respect for Sweden, it needs good teams for good KO football and well, the Swedes just are not. Nice, but not good.

In the other games will show how well the Mexicans can make the game and also Belgium can make the cushion, then relaxed in the clash against England to compete. As always, it remains exciting.


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Friday, June 22nd. Once in the face. And that does not just mean Argentine football national pride. Also lying on the floor Ivan Rakitic, who got off the ball and almost the targeted kick of the Argentinian. One is so used to the gauchos, we Germans can sing various ditty of it. But what happened yesterday was beyond evil and evil. That this Argentine team is not the best, you knew before. That they are frustrated after half an hour and start the fouling, we know since the summer fairy tale and at the latest since Kramer KO The infight but from the start to pull through, and of all against Croats, that is … let’s call it unwise.

And that’s how it always happens when all the burden is on Messi. Only this time the Argentine goalkeeper had the blackout. After the casual first goal of Eintracht cup hero Ante Rebic it was then a matter of time until some Frustfouls later all concentration was gone and the Gauchos got the last fully earned body hits. And that’s what the whole pub terrace looked like across all nationalities. It’s really amazing how consistently you can make yourself unpopular worldwide. And in times of Donald Trump.

Elsewhere, Denmark played a boring and France again a happy match. Again, it remains to be seen whether the Bleus can increase, because in this form is the end of the first opponent who sets up a striker.

The Swedish journalist Ludvig Holmberg seems to have thought that as well, as he kept Sami Khedira return tickets under his nose and thought it was incredibly funny. Now the level of his tabloid  Expressen is   still under the PICTURE (but, that’s possible) and maybe there may be stupider ways to irritate and motivate the opponent, but somehow, no one comes to mind. Anyway, good Ludvig has done us and the team a wonderful job. Tomorrow, in fact, tickets will be issued, and the German fan community will then thank Ludvig and his newspaper in the social media. Thousandfold. Who laughs last, Ludvig, always look at the …

Today, we expect a first preliminary decision if Iceland can prepare the ground for Argentina to actually fly home. In addition, we expect the changing of the guard in the messiah: Ronaldo rests in his Olympus, Messi (as) No.2 is temporarily unemployed and not long after noon Saint Neymar appears to us. He will walk over the grass, he will enlighten us by doing wonders, the noodle-yellow curls blowing in the cruel winds of the vuvuzelas of Jericho.

By the way, there is a reward for the discounter who bought, hoarded and redistributed the things. Who needs money and wants to donate …


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Thursday, June 21st. Still a whole 2 (two) days. Worse, 56 (fifty-six) hours. Eternity until the decisive game of destiny Germany against Sweden. You can see the German players that they would have preferred to play the thing yesterday. In the team itself, it seems rather less, but with reporters for days to give a latent and aggravating camp roller. Every second morning on the Second German Television we see Thomas Skulski and Thomas Berthold left behind in Moscow. The first professionally appalled and alarmed, the second disinterested as a veteran and consulted expert (veteran) and anxious (expert). Unfortunately, these theses were already exhausted in the first of the three sports blocks on Monday morning. Since then, the two have been wandering through the parks and tearooms of Moscow and desperately trying to add new arguments to the end-time debate spilling over from Germany. We viewers these days include not only the team, but also Thomas 1 & 2 in our evening beer prayers, so that they will be redeemed and in two weeks finally analyze actual KO games.

Yesterday’s matchday will certainly be remembered only because of two events. There is the apparition of St. Christiano, who scores a goal, but then, like Messiah colleague Neymar, struggles with the fact that he is still mortal and fouls are still hurting in spite of God’s felt sense. The other number could have been the sporting hit of the World Cup, a throw-in with start-up and from the Flic Flac movement. Cult, if it succeeds – Social media hub of the year, if you land on the rear ends: Iran’s Milan Mohammadi now has a lot of fans.

Today now follows the second Kracher this preliminary round. No, not France. They are expensive, but there is nothing. The big fight is Argentina against Croatia. It’s about everything, there are two teams playing, who will neither give a gift nor squeamishly go to work. It’s cracking today. And how.


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Wednesday, June 20th. It is slowly becoming the rule to announce something in this blog in the morning and then to experience the complete Gergenteil in the evening. And that twice yesterday. On the one hand, there is the Russian Sbornaja , who punishes us all false pseudo experts. A bunch of uninspired bang batches before the tournament, probably for confusion tactical reasons, a team is now brave and heartwarming and is as good as in the round of the last sixteen – with a bit of luck even being a group first. Unfortunately, then it goes against Spain or Portugal, well …

Then there is the designated snore group, which also offered a lot of entertainment. It was not clear that Japan would win. That the winning goal is a header (!) Of a Japanese (!!) in the midst of Colombian jungwaldbaumlanger (!!!) Defender – would be on such a bet no one actually. Not less stage-ready, the Polish Rückpassvariante. Granted, the return of the Senegalese player to the field had a more than unfortunate timing – but fully compliant at the moment of Polish possession. If the boys then treat themselves to a slapstick number, the colleague Niang sprints relaxed and pushes the ball in.

Meanwhile, in the German debate about football, all the experts and those who want to be there, plus some worn-out full posts, have worked their way towards the team and above all Mesut Özil. The highlight was certainly the World Cup round of Mr. Plasberg, who turned his political demagogy show with suitable guests without further ado into a football inquisition court and at least provided the proof that media coverage entertainment can sink even lower than Waldi’s World Cup club.

The more objective observer has meanwhile remembered the preliminary round in Brazil and the rather mixed kicks against Cameroon, USA and the nightmare performance against Algeria. And because such moments can also trigger something. Especially when playing in sunny Sochi. The positive-minded observer hopes for the cleansing storm of Moscow, the building sun of the Black Sea coast and a defiance reaction on Saturday. When that comes, the tournament begins. And not a minute before.

What is up today? Luis Suarez will chase after a few innocent Arabs, hopefully Spain will have recovered from the tumultuous start to the tournament and Portugal will have to prove that they are more than a one-man team. We will see .


 Fußball WM 2018 Männlich Büste

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Tuesday, June 19th. The Russian forest near Moscow is quiet and that’s good. Elsewhere, something like normal World Cup operation is coming to an end. Sweden make a start and play a rather weak game against South Korea, but that does not stop the mirror from writing the team hard and painting a catastrophic scenario for next Saturday. This is just the dark side of the Internet: journalists disappear and replace them with interns whose footballing knowledge would have shamed even my intellectual grandmother. You’ll see who runs mental on Saturday, but fear can not make either one of the two teams.

Belgium plays Belgian. Very handsome, very promising and totally unclear how the whole thing will look under pressure. The English have also put pressure on their first appearance against Tunisia in the sand. Ultimately, it’s Harry Kane who saves the evening. It is impossible to imagine what will happen or should happen if it is taken in man’s guise.

Today, by far the most challenging group starts in the tournament. Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan, together with millions of spectators, fight against sleep. Short wake up calls are the news on the sidelines. Sepp Blatter, for example, will meet in Moscow and meet Vladimir Putin, a kind of economic-political meeting of two Sith Lords. And where we are in the Star Wars, in Madeira you have exchanged a bronze bust of Christiano Ronaldo. In fact, it looked as if Chucky, the killer doll had just frozen in carbonite. Well, since a somewhat submissive artist has been trying on matter, the whole thing finally looks like an emperor statue and that’s what it’s supposed to be when CR7 eventually becomes president of the country. As for your personal Emperor career …


 Fußball wm 2018 Deutsches Essen

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Monday, June 18th.  The spirit of Campo Bahia is missing. Last seen on 14 July 2014 accompanied by the two players Bastian Schweinsteiger and Philipp Lahm. The press office of the DFB in Frankfurt / Main accepts useful information.

Unfortunately, that’s not fun, but bitter seriousness. It was somehow clear that the reluctance for the World Cup was not only felt by the spectators but by almost every team. What the World Champion delivered yesterday on the lawn, however, even the most constructive critic can no longer label as a refusal to work – that was an indictment. Gone are the technical and physical light-footedness that the world has envied us for. The yesterday was not a light sports diet of the 21st century, this was a time travel back to the age of football pork knuckle. Especially in view of the playful quality of the actors, it has to be stated simply and simply that the air is completely out of this team. Let’s hope that there will actually be a wake-up call and go down to the square in the form of Marco Reus.

Embarrassing was also the idea of the self proclaimed best player in the world. Unlike the German team, Neymar has known for some time now where to go. Mentally he seems to be in his own way the football’s Donald Trump – rich, in love with himself and qualitatively rather hot air. Physically, however, yesterday the world experienced a potpourri of the dying swans of the last decade. There was no breeze to the Messiah of football so as not to go down with Karacho. Apparently, Neymar, like Monsieur Griezmann, is preparing for a career in film. We recommend the oeuvre of OJ Simpson and his unforgotten wheelchair stunt in the stands of the California Angels

Today then England. This team is always surprising. Therefore today could be the first co-favorite once a good performance. We all hope so, because then the madness in Fleet Street takes its course and we finally have something to laugh again .


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Sunday, June 17th. While the world still besabbert over Ronaldo, who has just shot only three times, seized World class Grand Super Star No. 3 in the action. Well, Argentina has never been a team, but yesterday they came up with one, and poor Lionel did not have his  best day. Still, you have to admit CR7, between the penalties of the two guys with the golden balls worlds. Now, a draw against Iceland at the beginning of the tournament may not mean much, but the gauchos are in a bad mood.

Not much more convincing the team around non-Weltklassemegasuperduper star, but self-proclaimed football self-starter and marketer Antoine Griezmann. This victory came about more through technology. France, as well as Argentina suffers from the fixation on one player, and with such footballers to choose from. If you look at the recent appearances of the highly traded teams, then there is still a lot of room for improvement, so far there have not been any favorites.

So today the appearance of the defending champion. Here, the team is more or less self-evident. The only question is probably whether Özil gets a physical or psychological chance, which would be a good and bad signal at the same time, or whether Maro Reus brings up the game, which would be a good signal for the team and a bad for Özil. Jogi Löw is not to be envied.

At the end of the day, the best player in the world will play. Did not we say the good man was so modest as to let us know that on his own. With all the hype around his poor teammates in Paris and now Brazil, there’s only one annoying bouncing Hop Schwiiz!


 Fußball WM 2018 Wikinger

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Saturday, June 16th. The first games are behind us and we are all a bit smarter. Uruguay, traded as one of the best storm series in the World Cup, turns out to be a snore troop. Obviously, Spain has not recovered from the shock, otherwise the miserable performance is not explained by being shot down by a single player. And then there was Iran against Morocco, as it was more like a Sunday morning games post against police.

In the net one still discusses the Griezmann show. While the majority of football-enthusiastic users turn away in horror, many are not unjustly complaining about the decline of football – and they’re right. In times of obscene transfer fees, obscene salaries and even more obscene court rulings, the tax-eviscerating Goldener BundGewinner dismisses impunity for a fine, the astonished Normalsterbliche a video must show that shows the entire dilemma of a superstar. It’s not a difficult decision to make Antoine film. It is a drama and indulgence that makes Donald Trump’s Korea Video, the disaster film of the week so far, seem like a contribution from Cannes. No, the times, they are truly different.

So today the performance of Antonio Griezmeras and in the evening showpony No. 3, the good old Lionel. Rather a silent Megasuperduperstar and now with hipster beard on the way, he gets it today with traditional beards with the horror of the EM2016 to do, the Vikings from Iceland. We expect a lot. And at least one throw-in gate. HU!


 Fußball wm 2018 Attraktive Frau

Ein spannender Start der Fußball WM 2018

Friday, June 15th. One thing must be said, this opening day was by no means boring. Unlike, in this now not proven clairvoyant blog, the official part was gratifyingly short and amazingly entertaining. That was due to two actors who always deliver. Vladimir Putin, generally a friend of physical self-expression, yesterday inaugurated a new fitted bikini microphone. Who knows him, can assume that director and cameraman are looking for a job in Siberia today.

Robbie Williams, generally a friend of physical activity with the fair sex, showed the middle finger to the world in general and his homeland in particular. This is probably an answer to the allegations that he would spend money on oligarchs and dictators. That may be true, but yesterday, he sang, he apparently did it for free. Diego Armando Maradona also wanted to go into the stadium for free, but failed because of the security structure, which simply did not want to recognize him. This proves two things: One should also do sports in old age and with the face recognition via camera, it is not nearly as far ago as we want to make conspiracy theorists believe.

Football was also played, and no less crazy. Host Russia eliminated Saudi Arabia with a handful of goals. So not necessarily to expect, because the game of Sbornaja was not convincing, especially after the injury-related replacement of the game maker Dzagoev. Although his substitute Comrade Cheryshev was allowed to enjoy the moment of his career, the victory was too high and one will see if the team can at least take something against Egypt, otherwise it will not do anything with the knockout round. Today is the day of the first days: Two questions are answered: Whether and how the Spanish team has recovered from its monumental shock and the question of whether Portugal except Ronaldo footballing something on it has. We will see.


 Fußball WM 2018 Moskau

Die erste Begegnung startet

Thursday, June 14th   Finally it starts. Jupp Heidi. Jubilation. Okay, seriously, look forward to it, folks. Not? Well, somehow this does not really work. Hardly any flags, no tension at the bakery, no spontaneous street parties. Feels different somehow than 2014. But head up, that will be fine. Just have to go just once.

Today, opening, host Russia meets Saudi Arabia. After a felt 6-hour opening ceremony, in the felt 40 times face and name of Putin will be danced, formed and paid homage, so finally football. Or what the Russian team considers it. This is not, according to many experts, not much. Quite different because the players from the country of relaxed oil production. That they are not without, we have seen Germans in the last test match, although it was the audience because primarily to whistle Ilkay Gündogan at each ball approach. Today is the first surprise in it, the tip is on victory of the outsider. Astonishingly, many Russians see it the same way.

Elsewhere, people are still striving for silence and desperately. Spain’s new coach Fernando Hierro has brought in three assistants, which makes the brutal change in the team really clear. The Toreros can already be sorry: An absolute insider tip, the team must now find new tactical and personal. Unfortunately, this will prove to be successful tomorrow, in the top match of the group against Christiano Ichhabdiehaareschön Ronaldo and his 10 water carriers. Either a now-first-right mood, or the national disaster. One thing is for sure, Real Madrid, president and coach have very few friends in Spain at the moment. Come on, let’s give some energy to the poor Spaniards …


 Fußball WM 2018 Stier und Torero

24 Stunden bis zum Beginn der Fußball WM 2018

Wednesday, June 13th. Just over 24 hours until kick-off, actually a moment of calm before the storm. Everything retreats and waits. All? No, an inflexible football association from southern Europe is resisting the acute boredom and is providing the first PR highlight of the World Cup. Thanks Spain, today the headlines are yours.

How to Define Bad Timing A laugh at the funeral, a burst pants in the glass elevator, the cigarette at the gas station? As of this morning, place one of the awkwardness ranking is firmly in Spanish hands. Well, if there the national coach takes over the capital club, that’s a political issue. But fire before the tournament starts? Anyway, Donald Trump can breathe a sigh of relief, in the public competition of the dumbest personnel decisions he finally has competition. If the President of the Spanish Federation is still starting to twitter, politics has finally overtaken the sport.

Hardly anyone will therefore deal with tomorrow’s opening match of the host against Saudi Arabia, especially since the teams are as footballed as poor stocked as the ethics committees of both countries. Therefore, now the wires of all sports betting portals are glowing and the odds shoot into the head. Not so with Quasar, with us you can still win twice.

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