To praise oneself does not necessarily belong to the right tone, and that is why it is said quite bluntly in the vernacular: “Self-praise stinks”. But with our action # 2SlotsOneCup we landed such a big hit at the upcoming World Cup that we have to praise ourselves a little bit about the green clover.

As? What? Football and Casino?

Normally, the combination of football and casino games is as good as before Dortmund a final against Bayern Munich. No matter who tried so far for example on football slots, the result was usually rather mau. Whether NetEnt with the boring “Football: Champions Cup”, “Gold Cup” from the German manufacturer Merkur or Microgaming’s “Shoot”: Real fun remained in short supply, and therefore disappeared the machines around the nicest thing in the world faster in the sinking than Marco Villa , Sean Dundee or Paulo Rink. Where the comparison lags, of course, because these three have at least played Bundesliga and national team …

It was not much different with bonus promotions and promotions to King Football. The average casino player has probably not tempted – unlike people with a passion for sports betting – an offer. Instead, during the major sports and football events, the mailboxes are flooded with meaningless emails – well, thank you!
Most of the football and casino stuff seemed so compelled that most players might add a few free spins to football slots and then gamble back on their favorite slots without any reference to the round leather.

That’s why # 2SlotsOneCup is different

Quasar Gaming picks up on the theme of the World Cup, mixes up a bit of prediction and sex appeal, and serves it in an unabashed form: Two Slots One Cup does three things right:

– No Soccer Slots
We know which games our customers love. And exactly these slots are also gambled during the football spectacle in Russia to

– Bringing loads of free spins and superspins to
the people. With a total of 64 matches, a single player can win up to 4550 superspins worth € 1 each. This is not only a proud sum, but also significantly more than the possible World Cup premium of Sandro Wagner in the event of a title win!

– Bet pays off
You have absolutely no plan of football? Already in school sports you were elected last in the team? No problem, because you can easily compensate for lack of football knowledge at # 2SlotsOneCup. Sporty weather here speak of a so-called “safe bet”. No matter which team wins, you can win as well.

Butter with the fish: what’s up at # 2SlotsOneCup

The game mechanics are kept extremely simple, without losing long-term motivation. In the teaser video you get a first look:


The World Cup is known to consist of 64 games of 2 teams each. Imagine # 2SlotsOneCup like a huge free prediction game. For every encounter you can “bet” from the day before kick-off to the final whistle. Decide which team will be ahead in the end and play the corresponding slot machine.
The more revenue you generate on the “winner slot”, the higher your potential win. If the game ends in a draw, there are still half of the possible free spins and / or superspins. If you want to be on the safe side, you can simply tap on both teams and win guaranteed free spins and superspins.
Of course, bonus hunters can also wait until a team is comfortably in the lead and then make their tip.
For the World Cup finals on July 15, 2018, the profits will be doubled, so that wave with appropriate sales up to 140 superspins!

Nominate yourself, take advantage of the Quasar Gaming Early Bird Offer

The first 10,000 entrants will receive a 100% deposit bonus up to 100 € on their registration. All further information such as the game board, the rules of the game or the slots that symbolize the 32 participating World Cup teams can be found on our action page for # 2SlotsOneCup .


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